My 13 Top Marketing Strategies For Wedding Photographers in 2020



First and foremost –  marketing strategies will never remain the same because people will change how they use technology and buying behaviors will shift due to culture and other outside influences. So keep in mind that you will also need to change with it. Observe what is happening, where you target market is going, and find ways to show up there. 

1.Education is the best way to keep an edge. If you struggle to think like a marketer, learn from the best. I listen to these podcasts and audiobooks to help me out in terms of SEO, Blogging, Social Media and Stategy. See my “Side Hustle Book Club” Post.

    • I also have been to workshops and done online courses. The best are: SEO is Fun by Catalina Jean, Maddie Mae Elopement Photographer Workshop, Anything by Jenna kutcher, Jasmine Star Social Curator, Lets Go Workshop and the Unraveled Academy. 

2. Don’t put all of your advertising eggs in one basket. You don’t own most of these platforms and if one goes down, or the algorithm changes, you don’t have control over it and now you have no business. Just like investing, you need to diversify that portfolio! I spread my posting, money and energy over the four to five areas that I know my target market are: The Knot, Instagram Ad’s, Vendor Referrals, Google Searches, and Facebook. I’m also starting to work more on getting into Pinterest.

3. The other thing you should do, is make a list of all the advertising “things” you currently do and increase the frequency of that. Trust me, I’ve been trying it and it has increased my engagement. For example, I wrote down:

    • Posting to IG once a day -> Try posting twice or even three times a day
    • Posting to Facebook once a week – > Try posting twice a week
    • Pinning to pinterest once a month -> Try using an app like Tailwind to post for you everyday


4. Make a “Google My Business” account and get as many reviews on there as possible! People trust vendors with reviews and this is a great way to get your business to start showing up in Google and on Google Maps. 


5. Consistent Content is King. Consider Micro Blogging for Instagram and other social media channels. People want value and they want to consume a lot of it. The Skinny Confidential is great at this! Google her. Watch what Gary Vaynerchuk says about this topic:



6. Consistent Content is King Part 2: You should make blog posts about all of your sessions, then post them to Facebook. Post on Instagram more than once a day. Share tips and tricks with your couples and other vendors. Make a podcast, Pin your photos from your blog to pinterest. The more you post, the more likely someone will see you in the saturated black hole of the internet. If you’re stuck for content, take a blog post you write and grab a small piece from it and re-use it for a caption on instagram for example, or your instagram stories. Chances are, most people haven’t seen it, especially if you get new followers. 


7. Your couples use Pinterest, so why aren’t you?! I made a blog post about the seven step process I use to attract my ideal client on Pinterest HERE.


8. Make free listings on all the wedding planning websites if you can’t afford to pay for them. The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola, Wedding Chicks, etc. I highly recommend going with one and paying for it. I got about 15 weddings from The Knot. If you don’t want to pay, at least you can get your name on their sites. 


9. LEARN SEO! I learned from Catalina Jean at SEO is Fun and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me show up in google searches. You must invest in this. If you don’t have time at the moment, blog your heart out and pin photos to Pinterest. 


10. NETWORK! The way that I started networking is putting together styled shoots for free for vendors. I offered to pay vendors for their time and/or supplies. Like paying for half the florals for a florist. If you don’t have money up front, you can just ask if people want to be part of a free styled shoot. Go to facebook pages that are for styled shoots for your area. 

    1. Look for photography/vendor facebook pages and plan a meet-up.
    2. Look on ticketmaster or eventbrite for vendor cocktail hours/meet ups. 
    3. Go to any bridal show and chat with people. 
    4. Meet with as many local vendors as possible. 
    5. Send hand-written notes to vendors saying you love their work. 
    6. Make sure to always tag vendors in your posts.
    7. Do social media shout outs saying which vendors you’re inspired by. 
    8. Go to workshops and focus on building relationships and don’t ask anyone to do anything for you. Only offer to do something for them. 


11. Social Media: Look at who follows you and interacts with your posts. Take time to go interact with them and comment on their posts. The best way to grow your social presence is to actually be social. It takes time and patience. 


12. Look at data. I use Splendid Insights and I pay for marketing research on the Wedding Industry. This helps give me insights on to consumer behavior. 


13. Watch what the pro’s are doing and ask yourself why they’re doing it. I watch Gary Vaynerchuk and listen to what he has to say about his marketing approach. Then I do what he says. He makes millions giving marketing advice to large companies, so why wouldn’t I use it. 


Of course there is more to it than that! I will add to this as I go! Feel free to reach out to me anytime and message me on Instagram!!!