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Understanding family dynamics, working well as a team with your other vendors to make the experience flawless, anticipating poignant moments, knowing when to step in and guide, and when to fade into the background. It also includes taking time to reposition my subjects to be in the most flattering light, making decisions on the fly to achieve the best results for your imagery. There is much deliberate thought and planning before the wedding day that I will do with you to ensure that each part of the day is documented beautifully and naturally.

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A careful combination of documentary style photography with an editorial touch creates a unique gallery of photos that you and your family can relive for generations. I believe in allowing the photos to speak for themselves, keep the colors true, and pay attention to the relationships that matter most. 

Tailored collections are created to ensure that your wedding receives the coverage and attention that it deserves. To start the process, inquire with me so that I can learn more about your wedding day and create a proposal that suits your specific needs. 


creating your heirloom, documenting the joy and the real moments.

Our engagement session will be a relaxed and collaborative experience, designed to capture the genuine connection between you and your partner. We'll find a location that reflects your personalities, whether it's a favorite park, a cozy coffee shop, or a bustling cityscape.

My focus will be on letting your natural interactions unfold, gently guiding you into poses that flatter and feel authentic. The resulting photos will be a beautiful blend of documentary-style candids and timeless, editorial portraits. We'll capture genuine smiles, stolen glances, and the joy of your upcoming celebration – a collection that tells your unique love story for generations to come.


Creating those "remember when" moments for you to reflect on

I grew up in love with the Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren perfume ad's - or anything remotely European. They felt so dreamy, romantic, everything I wanted when I grew up and became a bride. Little did I know that my love for fashion, editorial's and art would all come together in a very documentary approach and shape my photography style. I like to think it is "chic editorial meets photojournalism."

I approach the wedding day from my couples heart and eyes - what would be important to them to reflect on? What are the memories that they might wish they could re-live? I believe in capturing the candid moments over the posed, and the authenticity and reality instead of just pretty pictures.

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