Workflow Wednesday – Five ways to streamline your blogging workflow

April 4, 2019

I have five tips that I use to speed up my workflow when it comes to blogging and they work without fail:

  1. I work one to two MONTHS ahead. It allows me time to think about the topic, gather data/research and make sure I have everything I want on that topic covered. I label the topics I want to cover. Usually it is in two sections: For Photographers, or For Couples. I write for my target audiences. If you did a topic or a post each day, you can make it have a theme if you want. For example: Mondays Mentions, Tipsy Tuesdays, Workflow Wednesdays, Tried and True Thursdays, Favorite Five Fridays. This can help you when you don’t know what to write about. 
  2. I use the google doc app on my phone to word-vomit onto on my drive home. I usually choose one of the topics each day and just talk to my phone about it. I use the voice-to-text button on the keyboard. This comes standard on the iPhone, but I’m not sure where it is at on an android.
  3. The extra tip that I have is that I keep all of my blog posts on one google doc so that it is super easy to find. I just add another page for each new blog post. It keeps it together if I ever need to repurpose something I wrote for social media!
  4. When I sit down and plan out the posts I want to write, if I need to shoot something for them (i.e., books for photos for my blog post on the top books for entrepreneurs), then I will batch photograph all the images for those posts in one day. Saves so much time and energy considering the time it takes to source, prep and style, shoot, edit, export. 
  5. Finally, consider what will be useful for your target audience and just list all of those in one place. This really will help when you’re struggling for what to write. What are the basic/easy things that you understand about what you provide that someone may not know? Remember, you are typically one or many steps ahead of your target audience in most cases for understanding the ins and outs of your work, so nothing is ever too “basic” or “boring.” Someone will find it useful! 

These are the most used apps I use on google. I have them all as apps on my phone:

I hope this helps you have some idea of the process I use for planning out blog posts to deliver good value and content when I am struggling for ideas or struggling to find ways to deliver the ideas I already have.

Let me know what you do to plan your content! I would love to try it!