The Colony | Portland Wedding | Melisa + Shiloh

November 16, 2019

This sweet Portland wedding at The Colony in St. Johns makes getting married in North Portland seem like the best move for a couple in Oregon! I couldn’t have picked a venue or location that suited them better than this. When I first met Melisa and Shiloh, she said it had a “Mad Men” vibe and that is totally true. I also found out that the same location that we went for engagement photos is where Shiloh proposed. No wonder it was so important they wanted to go there!

It is hard to find people that you feel so at ease with and that you know they are seriously solid individuals. Melisa and Shiloh have such a base of friends and family that love them so much. It is an honor that I sometimes take for granted or forget to be able to peek into someones life and see something as monumental as a wedding from an insiders perspective. But I digress!

The Colony is such a great event space if you’re looking to be able to host many people with ample parking in Portland. It was just great. Also, the food from Elephants Delicatessen was unbelievably delicious. I wish I lived closer to Portland to be able to eat lunch there all the time. Of course, Churros Locos supplied the dessert because you can’t have a unique wedding without such an amazing treat!

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Melisa came out to do a first look with her bridesmaids. Their faces and the tears were so touching. One of the best moments by far. Then the first look with Shiloh. We went to Cathedral Park for this and the crazy part?! There was a HUGE Quincenera that was being set up in the exact spot where I wanted to do first look! So we made due and went farther down.

When they said “I do” and went in for the first kiss, the sun came out and shined through the windows. It was definitely a moment that will always give me chills to think about. What a wonderful freaking memory!

The end of the night came so quickly. Not only was Shiloh thrown up in the air by his family, but his dad danced with me, gave me a hug and quick peck on the cheek and Melisa’s mom and aunt insisted I relax and eat some food. I felt so thankful for being welcomed like that. I can see exactly where they both got it from.


After such a wonderful wedding, the only thing I think of is how sad I am that it’s over. Thankfully we have all these photos of a great night at The Colony.





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