How to prepare for any photoshoot

March 14, 2019

This blog was co-written by Casi Yost and Andrea White, a passionate advocate of community over competition and lifestyle branding boss babe. Check out her services and amazing work over at FlaireCreative.

When anticipating an upcoming photoshoot for your brand, there’s so much to get excited about- this is a big deal! There are so many details that go into planning a shoot. Everything down to location and vibe to what’s on the desk in the background. Details matter.


Plan looks, location and poses beforehand. Get them to the photographer beforehand. There will be tons of spontaneous magic that happens during the shoot, but make sure you have something to fall back on in case it’s needed.

Plan the looks, in detail. Also, when you are planning each look, consider set-up time and styling. Separate your outfits and have it all organized to save time while you’re shooting. Consider getting a travel wardrobe bag to store clothing and hang it in the trunk of your car. Use bins for shoes, and other accessories to stay organized, small divided containers are great for storing jewelry and makeup.

Does your website and brand have a color palette? You might want to find props and other items in your wardrobe to match it. This keeps consistency and branding is maintaining that consistent look and feel. It conveys that you are thoughtful about everything in your brand.


Do you spend a lot of time on the computer? Looking over client briefs? Cooking, cutting, designing? Then you need to get those action shots of your process. Your customers and clients want to see this. It builds trust and also allows you to talk about your process with them and truly show them that you are who you say you are.


Think ahead about all of the blog posts you might want to do that don’t include just you in the photos. You can get tons of content shot in one day if you think ahead and batch all of that work together.

Don’t forget the little things, people love details. Things like pretty pens and notebooks capture great color and give the photos a bit more individual personality.  Do you want to communicate a new product you are trying to launch? Do you do a ton of work on your laptop? Is there gear that you have to use daily for your work? Do you have a set of books or decor that really represent who you are? Include these. It is always better to have more than not enough.

Furniture is important too. Not that you’d bring a couch on location, but if you are shooting at a studio, look into the furniture that they already provide. Many studios have desks, chairs, couches and backdrops.


What is truly the best location or locations for your photoshoot. If you have a very feminine brand, then maybe shooting in a grungy parking garage won’t work for you. Does the location have easy access or a lot of natural light? Does it fit with your brand? I like to find locations that are fairly clean, with not a ton of color or distractions so that I can morph it into what I need it to be.

Know the overall message you want to communicate in the photos. What are you trying to say? Is your brand approachable and warm? Are you attempting to communicate more of a professional and corporate vibe? Be sure to understand the message you want to send to others, through your photography.

Consider where all of these photos will be shared. Do you want to use some for Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube? If you do, you will have to shoot them in portrait vs. landscape, or include specific props. Pinterest pins are always in portrait orientation and attention grabbing. Are you going to use images on your websites of you in action? Think about all of the places you would like to have images and what orientation works best. Include this in the shot list with your photographer.

Step outside of your comfort zone

Try not to focus too much on limiting your message to what you believe yourself to be. If you have an interest in shaking it up, and trying a different vibe, allow yourself to be inspired, rather than attempting to stick to what’s comfortable.


Warm up, get into the mindset. Allow yourself to be present and mindful of the faces you’re making and the mood you’re setting. Make sure to feel comfortable, and do what it takes

Bring a friend if you have to, but use these photos to inspire the next chapter of your brand. You’ve channeled an inspired version of yourself, let it genuinely emulate who you are and what your brand’s innate message is.

In this recent styled shoot, I paired up with local florist, Cassidy of Noble Floral Co and Hair and Makeup Artist, Marina Haynes to showcase the process that someone may go through if they were to take one of Cassidy’s workshops on creating floral arrangements.

The purpose of this was to give someone the feeling of what it would be like to work with Cassidy and we also wanted to have some fun and do a little styled shoot with what they created!

Shout out to Alicia who also modeled for us at The Gray Lab in Salem, Oregon. This was definitely a great branded photoshoot for all the vendors involved and showcased all of their talents. Getting people in action, and showing the products they can produce can truly allow your customers to see your process and grow trust with your brand.

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