NYE Wedding at Saint Irene’s | Tualatin Oregon

My dream is to shoot an NYE Wedding, so doing this styled shoot at Saint Irenes was such a blast. This was put on by Mae and Co with three different couples. It was so fun because we were able to just have fun, roll around in confetti and let our creative juices flow.

One of the greatest things about this venue is that it is all in one. Gorgeous ceremony site, catering, beautiful reception area and bar. I was so in love with their open banquet room because of this gorgeous chevron wall. What a perfect blank canvas for any kind of style of bride. I shot quite a few double exposures, (tutorial coming up) and played quite a bit with my prism to get some of the cool effects that you see with the lights.

Some of the things that you normally don’t think about when shooting is to use other tools. Some of my favorite things are:

  • Prisms
  • Glass balls
  • The reflection on my phone
  • In-camera double exposure

We shot indoors which can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to color temperature of the photographs. Making sure to adjust your white balance and nail skin tones are critical. Thankfully the venue is evenly lit and the chevron backdrop allowed for a lot of editing to correct for the warmer lights.

Near the end, we turned off the lights and had the models throw confetti in the air and turned our flash’s on to get that “dance-floor” vibe. For the finale, we took them outside, had two lights on them and took photos of their silhouettes with sparklers. How fun right?!

Saint Irenes is a fairly new venue that has an amazing set up for events. One side is perfect for the ceremony and the other side is a full kitchen and bar with a beautifully decorated seating area. This is absolutely what the wedding industry needs! All in one area so that the couples can spend more time actually having fun with their guests!