Your story is why I'm here

casi yost taking a self portrait

I believe that you should have a wedding day that is totally about you and your partner. Free to shed the traditions and pressure of traditional weddings and celebrate your love in a way that is authentic to who you are.

The experience in which you get married is important, and feeling happy about your choices rather than overwhelmed is something you should consider.

The wedding industry and our culture can sometimes pressure us into celebrating in ways that don’t feel true to who we are. I am here to say you can celebrate it in whatever way you want with whichever traditions or no traditions at all.

One of the most important roles that I have is to ensure that when you look back on your wedding day 20 years from now, you will feel like you are there again. Your heart light and full, smiling at the sweet moments, and laughing at the crazy moves on the dance floor.

This is one day that you want to spend feeling all the feels, soaking in every single moment. I love real and raw and am not afraid to be there to capture that authentically with you.

I live for that and know that your story is the most important of all. Let’s see what magic we can capture together.



My Story

My first class in college was film photography, and it has been a part of who I am ever since. I originally went to college for illustration and graphic design, but switched majors to business and marketing (I was trying to be practical). I should have known my path would come back to art. After college, part of my professional life was spent in advertising and design, but my true love was always capturing moments.

I think I am so close to photography because my grandmother was the person who captured memories for our family and the albums she created mean so much to me now. I want to do that for other families and help them re-live one of the most important days of their lives. It fills me up to know I am doing something so important for others, and I know the true meaning behind these images.

I believe in serving every couple and their families. Let's chat and see how I can do that for you.

- Casi