The top 7 Film Emulating Presets

Elevate your work.

many google searches and scouring the internet and instagram later and I have come up with the top 7 film emulating presets for photographers who want their work to mimic the look of actual film stocks including Fuji, kodak and ilford.

The Top 7 Film Presets:

Fuji From Mastin Labs



I personally use the fuji H neutral preset on 99% of my work. I found that it is super contrasty, so I pull the contrast down and cool it down a little. IT is a great preset and I only edit a few things on it. Great all-around preset. Mastin labs also has other presets that imitate film super well. They're one of the best in the business.



If you really like the imperfections, grain, softness, these presets are for you. I am super impressed that they also have slight variations to mimic what kind of scanner you could use if you use film - frontier or noritsu. That is a great touch that truly mimics film. I am actually about to buy the fuji pack and try them out. I will give a review of them here and link to a video update when I'm done. I know so many great photographers swear by them.



These are pretty new presets and I am excited to try them out as I have always loved Erich's style. They are great if you like punchy editorial film photos.

These presets are some of the most clean and editorial that I have found. They mix editorial and fine art. The two packs that are note-worthy include the pack from KT Merry and caroline tran.


These are the traditional light and airy presets and aside from lack of grain are pretty close to a clean and light version of the fuji presets.


You cant talk about film without talking about jose villa. He has three different packs based around the three most popular film stocks and what they look like when scanned with the two most popular scanners, frontier and noritsu scanners:





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