Sunrise Engagement Session Newberry Lava Fields | Bend Oregon | Steph + Ty

May 8, 2019

There is nothing more magical and quiet than an engagement session at the Newberry Lava Fields in Bend Oregon. The lava rock contrasts so well with the smooth sky. If you look one way, you see the sunrise, and in the exact opposite direction, you see the mountains lit up pink and orange. It was gorgeous.

This session was a mock/styled engagement for a group of girls that attended one of my workshops, Beyond Workshop. It was meant to build the portfolio of new photographers, or photographers that wanted to expand what they offered.

We all woke up at four am to leave by five and get there right as the sun was coming up. It was pure magic. I can’t even begin to tell you that if you haven’t been to Bend, you’re really missing out. The outdoor scene, breweries, and fun people make it such an awesome place to live or visit.

Stephanie and Tyler are currently living in Bend. I actually found Stephanie on Instagram. She modeled for a photographer that I follow and her and Ty modeled for her. I was in love and knew I needed to shoot them. What happened was pure luck. Our models for the sunrise session had to move and be our bridal models the night before. We were without a model set, so I immediately messaged Stephanie, and she was on board!

It worked out perfectly and was probably one of my favorite sessions, even though I was there to manage the morning shoot. It was tough though. Walking around on the lava is pretty dangerous and if you’re not careful, the rocks can cut you easily. Plus, having 15 girls with you makes it tough to photograph a couple when you’re all lined up on a tiny path.

It was so completely worth it though. The girls had a great experience, and we were able to bond and laugh. Some of us had to leave right after the shoot and drive hours away.

If you’re in Bend, there are a few amazing places to shoot, look up Smith Rock, Newberry, Sparks Lake, and many of the mountains that surround the area.

I will definitely come back to shoot another engagement at the Newberry Lava fields. Heck, I’ll be back to Bend to shoot anything I can get set up! It is a wonderful place.