Spring Wedding at Yellow Gold Farms | Lebanon Oregon | Lauren + Mike

July 1, 2019

This sweet spring wedding at Yellow Gold Farms out in Lebanon was the perfect one to start the wedding season this year. I originally shot Lauren and Mike’s engagement photos at her parents property and they were such a blast to be around. It was totally apparent how smitten they were for one another.

What is so cool about Lauren and Mike is that they’re both Nurses. Lauren works the night shift so I’m sure it was tough planning a wedding when your internal clock is haywire! They really pulled it off though. The venue is a diamond out in Lebanon. It was my first time there and I was so impressed.

When I was taking the getting ready photos, Lauren told me that one of the rings she was going to be wearing was the ring from her great grandmother. Apparently she had hid it during the great depression so that she wouldn’t have to sell it. Lauren wore it on her pinky (it was so tiny!) and that was just so meaningful.

The entire ceremony site is covered by beautiful old trees, which makes a perfect place for any wedding in the summer. It was a hot one that day too, so thank goodness for all of that shade.

Lauren and Mike decided to read their vows to each other before the ceremony. It was so meaningful to be there and witness how much they love each other. They both had a hard time getting through both of their vows and I gave them space to really feel what they were feeling, although I wanted to get right up in there and hug them both.

The ceremony was beautiful. I was just in awe of how large the trees and shrubs were – it made the guests look so tiny when I shot from far away. The kids loved running through all of the trees and swinging on the large white swing hanging by the dance floor. It reminded me so much of the wedding in Steel Magnolias, when you have all the kids running around and family just having a good time. So much happening and so many good memories being made.

The speeches given really demonstrated how much the family loved one another and how much support there was for both Lauren and Mike. When his dad came up to give his speech, his voice broke a time or two and he had to stop and we were all crying with him. I just love speeches.

The dance floor was hot at this wedding. The moves were pretty on point. Not going to lie. His mom and dad were dancing out on the dance floor and busting some pretty awesome moves. At the end of the night Mikes brother and mom were dancing and I heard him say, “I love you so much mom.” My heart pretty much went down to the bottom of my feet that second.

My favorite part was the end of the night right before I left. Mike and Lauren went out onto the dance floor and the twinkle lights were behind them and they were signing to each other. I swear the photos reminded me of a poster for a Romantic Comedy. Just so much love.

I so appreciated being a part of their big day. The speeches, the toasts, the crazy dance moves. It honestly doesn’t feel like a job. I just witness beautiful people being their best selves, and I hit the button when I feel love.

I hope you enjoy this Yellow Gold Farm wedding as much as I did. Lauren and Mike, congratulations and thank you for letting me tag a long!