Rustic Oregon Wedding | Kendyl & Andrew

September 21, 2018

bride and groom at their rustic oregon wedding


I am a sucker for a Rustic Oregon Wedding and this one totally delivered. Considering that I was able to photograph Andrew and Kendyl here, at our Abbey Road Farms styled shoot, they were complete pro’s by their wedding day. The venue, Fir Point Farms, is actually owned by Andrews family and they make the best food in their bakery. I tried their biscuits and they taste just like my grandma’s. You know, women from the south make the best biscuits and I actually think these were better.

The running joke in the group was that Kendyl and Andrew had been together so long, it was about time they got married. They met each other in grade school and finally got together after middle school. Kendyl just finished her nursing degree and Andrew is applying to medical schools. Everyone said they are the new medical power couple and I totally believe it.

One of the most phenomenal things about these two is their kindness. I know people say that a lot about their couples, but I was just floored by the fact that they were willing to model for me in a styled shoot without meeting first. They were so happy to be there and to model half of the day. During their wedding day, it was the same. They are dedicated to their families and to keeping the family business going. Andrews twin actually is helping to run the farm while he is in medical school!

My favorite part of the wedding was the very end of the night when people cut loose and started dancing. It was like the love just started flowing out just as much as the hilarious dance moves. Kendyl’s maid of honor had the dance moves. I couldn’t believe I was capturing the best moves I’ve ever seen at a wedding. I was cracking up the entire time and when she saw me, she asked if I caught the whole thing. We were cracking up.

Only in Oregon can you have a rustic wedding and an absolute blast at the same time. I am constantly surprised at the places that I haven’t seen and the people I haven’t met. Being part of such amazing weddings and meeting these wonderful families makes me so grateful to do what I do.


xo, Casi


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