Oregon Coast Wedding | Gold Beach | Christine + Austin

August 4, 2018

I am a big fan of the beach and the woods so this Oregon Coast Wedding did it for me. Christine and Austin had their wedding at her parents property, which believe it or not, used to be a base for the military during WWII! How crazy is that?

When I got there, I was so stinking giddy with the views. It was so windy, but seriously, you cannot get a better view of the Oregon Coast than this! Having a wedding up here was pure magic.

Christine reached out to me after seeing one of her friends wedding photos on facebook. Her and my husband went to high school together, so it was really nice to see people that I knew and that he grew up with. If I have learned anything about Gold Beach people is that they know how to throw a party.

The first thing I loved about the day was how stinking cute her mom and dad were. I walked through the door and her dad was helping her mom frost their wedding cake. He is this tall, sweet man with the coolest mustache, and her mom was giving out hugs and singing along to songs. I seriously just wanted to live with them.

There were so many people running in and out of the house helping where the could. It was like when you come back to your moms and instantly feel at home. Kids running around, floral arrangements being made, the bridesmaids getting their makeup done. I just loved it. I was also impressed at how large Christine’s family is. It took us about 45 minutes to just get through her side and get photo combinations taken of everyone!

I loved that she wanted to take photos with all the members of her family. I really believe that these are going to be photos that they will share with their children and pass on to future generations. Knowing that I am a part of that makes this so worth it. I also know how  hard to get all of your family together at one time, especially for photos!

I was so impressed with all of the family, the time everyone took to chat with one another, and I even had a few guests come up to me and ask me about my gear and how I liked wedding photography. It is just so nice to be around so many kind people. Christine and Austin are so lucky and I am blessed to have been there.

Disney movies really hold a special place for the couple and their first dance was to the theme song of ‘Malificent,’ by Lana Del Rey. And to be real honest, when I am alone cleaning the house, I have put that specific song on a few times to just feel the feels. We even share a love for The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit! There was a sign at the beginning of the road that read ” No Admittance, accept party business.” I knew right away these were my kind of people.

Something that meant so much was at the end of the night, when I was packing up to go, Christine and Austin were saying bye to me and Christine asked if she could just keep me. Like have me to take photos for their family and just to be a part of their lives from there on out. It meant so much to hear that. I mean, it is important for me to make every couple feel like they are the only ones, but you never know if they really do feel it. I just loved that and it filled me up so much. I think I get so much from this job that doesn’t really show on the surface.



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