Mt. Hood Engagement | Kari & Ro |

July 17, 2018

This Mt. Hood engagement was so special for me. Kari and Ro are probably the two most endearing and fun people to be around. I met Kari in high school, so this is especially fun for me to see where her life’s journey has taken her. What is interesting is that they will have two weddings! One will be here, and another in India! How crazy is that? That is a lot of photos!

One of the things that I really enjoyed about photographing these two were that they were laughing the entire time. It really made my job so easy, and I was cracking up the entire time with them. Ro is an engineer and we started nerding out talking about technology, and I am sure Kari gets to hear about it all the time.

I learned quite a bit about Ro which was awesome. I feel like you only get to really know the bride, so this was just nice to spend more one on one time. He cooks dinner for Kari like every night! That is pretty awesome. They also shared a bit with me about what it was like combining two cultures and how cool it is that she is learning to cook traditional indian food. Ro said it wasn’t exactly the way his mom makes it, but he loves the twist that Kari puts on it.

I grew up in the Sandy and Estacada area so shooting an engagement on Mt. Hood was definitely on my bucket list. It’s something being a photographer going back to places you grew up and taking photos through a different perspective (I almost said lens, but that would have been too much, right?!)

Being around them filled my heart so much to see how much they love one another and let that be the guide for their decisions. I think being able to connect with my couples and see how much they love each other really restores my faith in humanity.

I just love my job so much and this session really cemented that.


xo, Casi