Intimate Tumwater Ballroom Wedding | Oregon City |Suzie + Scott

February 3, 2019

This intimate Tumwater Ballroom wedding in Oregon City was the sweetest I can remember. Suzie and Scott met at a wedding at the same venue, and danced the entire night. They decided to have their own wedding in the same location. The night they met, Scott was officiating the wedding and Suzie was the coordinator. How cute is that?!

This wedding was especially meaningful because I donated my time for a wedding. The only caveat was that people had to write about who they thought deserved the free wedding package. So many people wrote to me about Suzie. She truly is a spectacular woman. Of course I had to choose her. I am so thankful I did because meeting her and Scott and learning about their story was so moving. Their families were so lovely and supportive. I loved chatting with everyone at the reception and found that Scott has a deep love of Celtic traditions and included one at the reception!

The men were all dressed in kilts and presented Suzie with traditional Celtic wedding gifts. There was even a bag-pipe! I just had a blast and it was exciting to see such a unique celebration.

Suzie and Scott prepared ahead of time their first dance and they were so graceful out on the dancefloor. I was seriously impressed because some of the moves would have me tripping over my own feet!

The entire evening was romantic and the room was lit with candles and twinkle lights. I was especially moved when the entire room started singing “Auld Lang Syne.” There is nothing like it. If you ever go to Ireland and get to be in a pub when the entire crowd breaks into that song, you’ll never forget it.

The Tumwater Ballroom is definitely a wedding location that would be fun for anyone to have their wedding, and I am so thankful I was able to celebrate with Suzie and Scott at theirs.

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The photos of Suzie laughing absolutely capture our Suzie! Nicely done. And, yes, Scott does indeed look handsome.

I agree. What a sweet couple and I was so glad that these captured the essence of both of them.