Intimate Glacier Point Elopement | Erin + Teddy

December 1, 2018

Couple at their yosemite elopement in front of half dome

What a dream to capture this Intimate Glacier Point Elopement! First of all, Erin and Teddy are the sweetest and most energetic people I have ever met. I was so grateful that they would want to model for this styled shoot! Erin is a model and is just all around fabulous and Teddy works on utilizing magnets to separate cells based on their density. What a couple, right?!

You can find Erin’s instagram HERE. She is insanely talented at modeling! Teddy is amazing as well and his instagram is HERE! I wasn’t able to meet Christoper Pham who did her hair, but you can find his Facebook page HERE.

I was so lucky to go and capture this with my friend Stacie over at Widman Photography. She has phenomenal ideas as well as a great eye for photos. They had pure electricity the entire time we were capturing these two.

The fabulous florist who created the bouquet and headpiece was Brenna from Brenna Burnett Florals. I can’t recommend her enough. She seriously has talent and a great eye for the kind of design that matches the wedding.

I didn’t realize that Glacier Point is super close to the parking lot when you get to the site. It is super easy to access if you’re wanting to go there in your own gown/outfit and bring other items you might have for your elopement. I also didn’t realize how cold it gets there! We shot here in November and it dropped down to 15 degrees at night. Be prepared for cold sunrises and cold sunsets!


Omg what a place for an elopement!We love the scenery and your pics!

Thank you so much!!! I loved it there!

Omg what an scenery for elopement! We love it!

Thank you so much! It was truly spectacular!

What a sweet couple! Iā€™m looooving their outfits! Perfect for eloping at glacier point! 

Wow! Yosemite is one of my favorite places and you really you really nailed this Glacier Point elopement!

This Light and edits on these are killer. What a great job. So jealous of this glacier point elopement, its definitely on my bucket list.  

I love the views of Half Dome from Glacier Point – it’s the perfect location for a stunning elopement.  Hello alpenglow!!!

Oh I totally love it too! I wish I lived there year round!

Glacier Point elopements are the prettiest! I love your work šŸ™‚ 

Oh gosh I totally agree! I love them so much! Thank you!!!

This Yosemite elopement with its amazing light and golden hour vibes is a blast! I love your work!

Thank you so very much!!!

Holy cow this Glacier Point elopement is gorgeous!!

Ahhh Thank you so much Abbi! I love your work to the moon and back!