Intimate Aurora Wedding | Langdon Golf Club | Abby + Derrick

March 14, 2019

This Intimate Aurora Wedding at Langdon Golf Club in Oregon was truly one that gives all the feels. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Abby and Derrick. They have a long story and paths and families that are coming together as one, so this truly meant so much to everyone involved.

I met Abby over Instagram of all places! We just started talking and it was so nice to chat with someone so real. She told me about her first date with Derrick and how she wouldn’t really give him much wiggle room when they first met. I’m pretty sure Derrick liked it.

What is so great about both of them is that they have this infectious sense of humor. During the ceremony, it was difficult for Abby to not stop laughing. I was smiling from behind my camera the whole time. Could have been her brother Nate too that kept photo bombing. When we were taking their sunset photos, Abby couldn’t keep a straight face and had her head back laughing almost the whole time. You had to fight not to laugh with her.

I truly enjoyed getting to know them both. Abby is such a caring person. When I was trying to turn our golf cart around, I was making a comment about doing an 81 point turn, and she was so calm and collected and basically made me feel like I had everything under control. I can definitely see how she balances out Derrick.

He is a very outgoing personality and is always cracking a joke or making everyone smile somehow. The both of them together are like gravity. It is really hard to not want to be around them.

Their parents were so fun to spend time with too. Abby’s dad was quite the dancer and just as sweet as her. Her mom was hilarious and made you feel so welcome. And I’m pretty sure if Derricks mom opened a catering business, it would be wildly successful. The rehearsal dinner was delicious!

Before the wedding, they wanted to pray together without seeing one another. We placed them on either side of a door and I captured the intimate moment that they said their prayer before walking down the aisle. It was truly such an honor to witness such a special and important moment.

What I noticed most about both of them is that during the entire wedding, they were always trying to make sure everyone was having a good time. Derrick made the comment about being worried about people getting enough cake. I told him it was fine and that everyone had already gotten cake.

The whole day was almost a blur. Between laughing with their families, driving crazy golf carts at Langdon Farms, and wrangling relatives and friends, I would say this intimate wedding went off without a hitch.

At the end of the night, after all the dancing, everyone who was still there came outside and lit their sparklers for Abby and Derrick to walk through. It was such a romantic end to the most perfect day – surrounded by their friends and loved ones.

Some of the wonderful vendors involved:

Planner: Chelsea at Dream Team Events

Venue: Langdon Farms Weddings

HMUA: Marina Haynes

Florals: Bella Blooms

Gown: The English Dept.

Cake: Papa Haydn

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Wonderful job on the photos at the reception…And he posted anywhere else of the ceremony?

Thank you! Not yet, but I will update soon when I finish the entire gallery!

I wasn’t able to attend the wedding. I am so grateful to be able to see by this photos how beautiful was the wedding and the happiness of Abby and Derrick. Thank you.

Thank you! I am so happy to do that for you. It was a gorgeous wedding and more photos will be up soon!