How to Elope in Oregon

December 17, 2018

An all-inclusive elopement package is the best way to eliminate worry for your wedding day. The truth is that your wedding day is just one day and it passes super quickly, and the only thing that you have to tangibly remember it are your photos. So wouldn’t want them to be as beautiful as the day that you remember?

More and more people are eloping to celebrate the meaningful bond between each other rather than trying to put on a party for everyone to see that meaningful relationship.

From a photographers perspective, and elopement is such a good idea because it allows you to get all of the amazing intimate photos of just you two. We are able to go to different locations, take our time, have fun and make sure that we capture all of the special moments of the day rather than rushing away from your wedding party for her 30 minutes to snap as many photos as possible and then rush back. The best part? Is that you can get truly epic photos insanely gorgeous locations that will be true works of art that you can keep in your home and share with your children for years.

bride and groom at their oregon coast elopement at arch capePhoto taken at Hug Point, Oregon

I’m biased as a PNW Elopement Photographer because Oregon is one of the best places to elope:

  • We have mountains, beaches, desert, and forests all in one state. What a variety to choose from for your elopement!
  • There are many resourceful vendors that love to help you with your elopement and making it memorable.
  • You can get some epic photos in one location and an hour later, have photos in a completely different location!


If you are looking for an Oregon Adventure Elopement, we can make it happen:

  • We can plan a two day hike in somewhere epic.
  • If you want to have your ceremony somewhere like the Oregon Sand dunes on the Oregon Coast, let’s do it!
  • If you want to hike to the top of a mountain and shake champagne after the ceremony, let’s do it.
  • Need help planning how to make it all possible? That is what I’m here for.


I provide an all-inclusive elopement package for couples looking to elope but would rather not worry about the details. 

  • I have a great team that can provide all of the basic services you would need.
  • Officiating
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Florals
  • Recommendations for accommodations
  • Backpack preparations and extra packs for you to ensure your comfortable and safe wherever we go


I’m happy to chat with you about the all-inclusive package, but if you only require photography, I’m available to provide that as well!

Some details about Oregon that will help you to plan when and where to have your elopement:


The best times of year to elope in Oregon are June through September. We get a lot of rain and so the other months of the year can be quite wet and gray. The fall in Oregon is beautiful though if you like the orange and red leaves.



For the most epic of photos, you would ideally have your ceremony at sunrise or sunset. Depending on the time of year, those time tables will change. You can find sunrise and sunset times for Oregon HERE.



You can’t get your marriage license very far in advance. No more than 60 days before the day of the event, actually. The link to the marriage application for Oregon is HERE.



Our main airport is Portland International Airport (PDX) and is located in the north part of Portland. You would most likely want to rent a car as many of the locations mentioned are at least 2 hours away.

You could also fly into the Eugene Airport as that is more central, but not all flights will go into that airport.



I highly recommend our AirBnB Market. There are so many cool locations to stay. Staying in Portland is really fun, but there are also amazing places to stay in Bend, on the Coast, and in Central and Eastern Oregon.





a couple popping a bottle of champagne after their elopement at cape kiwanda
Elopement at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City




Rancho Relaxo is a great place to have your entire elopement. Putting florals out front and utilizing the inside space for intimate photos is gorgeous.


Mt Hood A-Frame

This A-Frame has a beautiful front deck and has a huge open floor plan. Perfect for a small wedding or elopement.


Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Deck 

This is amazing for more intimate weddings and elopements and really makes you feel like you’re among the trees.



MOUNTAINS (a Mt. Hood Elopement would be rad):



Being an elopement photographer in Bend has its perks. You have a gorgeous desert setting with mountains in each direction you look. You can even have beautiful plateaus overlooking a canyon as a backdrop behind you. This is one of my favorite locations to shoot elopements because of how versatile the terrain is.

You can see my entire post on eloping in Bend HERE. 


Photo taken at Tendue in Portland

Waterfalls of Oregon:

Elopement Venues Portland Oregon: 

Some of the best vendors in Oregon:

Florists –

  1. Brenna Burnett Florals
  2. Fleurie & Co
  3. Revel Petals
  4. Sea Of Roses

Officiants –

  1. Officiant Jimmie
  2. Maureen Haley
  3. Loretta Rossini

Gowns –

  1. A and Be
  2. Brides for a Cause
  3. The English Dept.


A map of Oregon’s Most Beautiful Places: