How to Create a Mindful Work Life Balance: with Sami Sattva

October 22, 2018

Thank you for joining me as I guest-virtual speak on Casi’s blog! I hope you take a few moments to slow down, and digest all of this in. You deserve a few moments, at least.

Most of us want what we can’t have, it’s only instinct – but the thing is, there is such a thing as a healthy, work life balance and it is within reach. It requires some practice on our end, but practice creates progress and with progress comes new heights. We create our own reality, and right here for the next few moments, we’re going to talk about how we can create consistent mindfulness through our journey of entrepreneurship.


Looking ahead, this blog will briefly touch on the following:

  1. How we rise to hit the ground running
  2. Nutrition
  3. Gratitude/boundaries in business
  4. Our weekly pace
  5. Self care & Awareness
  6. Manifesting our ideal business
  7. Unwinding the day


A little bit about me and a background of why I’m speaking of this topic. Many of you may know me, I’m Sami – and I operate the small business Lambda Lion. While my brand focuses on business development through multimedia and marketing, I also have a flipside to the coin where I’m heavily immersed with Ayurvedic Medicine; the ancient & oldest system of medicine from India. Ayurveda: Ayur = the science, Veda = life (are-yoo-vay-duh, quite literally means the science of life!).


Ayurveda might be foreign to you, but you’re not alone – it’s new still to the United States. If you’re thinking … “what the heck, I won’t resonate with this blog” – please wait! I promise this will be comprehensive and approachable with first-hand experiences utilizing Ayurveda philosophies that have helped me create a balanced life through business and the noise.



Thinking about our mornings, many of us wake up and reach for our phones out of habit. There’s something I want us all to work on: Resist the Scroll. I repeat, Resist the Scroll. Do you know what you are doing? You’re creating a “fast-paced, putting the grind before your gratitude, comparing yourself to others” kind of start to your morning.


That doesn’t sound so great when we say it out loud, does it? Instead you could be waking up, loving the person next to you, and reflecting on the dreams you just had that could very well be giving you answers to your questions or the day you’re about to have.


Not only that, when we open our phones right away, we’re highly susceptible to seeing those emails and texts from our boss, or a client that we’re struggling with, or an ongoing issue we don’t know how to solve and boom – you’re sucked into that strain of stress without even grounding your feet yet.


So get up, stretch it out (I use my bed as a prop, it’s right there and I don’t even need to go anywhere for it), drink some water, hang out in the bathroom and … you know, get some fresh air on your patio or outside, and focus on yourself before anything business or social related.



Nutrition can without a doubt affect everything in your mental and physical state of being. Through my studies of holistic medicine, I have always highly resonated with nutrition. Probably because I healed my own health issues, gut related, but also because I truly believe food is medicine.


And with the right foods, we can thrive – especially from those that are nourished by the sun (aka Plants). Food affects our mood, our pain levels, our stress levels, and energy levels. Without proper nutrition, how does one expect to flourish if the contents in our body aren’t flourishing with nutrients?


It seems like such a no brainer, but it’s unbelievably often ignored. Listen to your body and act on it. If you’re living in pain, stop it lol.


Think of your stomach (and body as a whole) like a fire. In order to get a fire started, you wouldn’t go throwing a huge log on it, right? Right. You would start with some kindling maybe, and build from there.


Your morning breakfasts, should always be present, and should be light and energizing. In an ideal world, also be eaten without rushing. So give yourself some time in the morning to ensure you are properly nourished.


Ideas for breakfasts are fluffy eggs (or fluffy turmeric diced up tofu for vegans) with herbs, fruit, granola with almond milk, cooked apples with cinnamon, oatmeal, protein packed smoothie, etc. Drink up on vitamin c or probiotics, as well.

And remember, improper diet will affect our moods, self-esteem, self-worth, our skin, and overall just make us moody! (Read more about nutrition on my wellness blog)



You might end up hating me for this one, but these should not be the first liquid you drink, and …. Wait for it …. Recommended to stop consuming coffee/caffeine between 12pm-2pm. Start hydrating, and drink more herbal tea.


Again, do not skip meals. If you are someone who works out midday, try to sync up your lunch with your post-workout meal. Have a protein bar or banana/nuts pre-workout. If you can’t do this, then remember that post-workout you absolutely must refuel with a plant & protein based smoothie (not Jamba Juice, please) within 90 minutes.



In my opinion, I think we could all work on this a little bit more. Gratitude in general creates a sustained contentment and happiness within ourselves, the moment we exchange this energy with someone else it becomes contagious and encourages a healthy relationship. Unless this person is an absolute energy vampire (run away, if they are), then they are likely to be susceptible to receiving and perhaps will be compelled to give it back.

It’s all about setting that example and the standard of expectations to whom you are working with. (examples of gratitude in business)



Which leads me into boundaries. Oh yes, one of my favorite precedence to set. I feel empowered when I stick to my grounds whether it be in business, or in personal relationships. No boundaries = low self-esteem. (<– that’s the sad truth).


How to put this into action:

Know what you want, know your bottom line, know where your lines are drawn & when they get crossed, and create your own set of expectations ahead of time as a preventative measure. When we do this for ourselves, we no longer attract the “crazy clients”.


No joke, when I started doing this for myself I no longer had nightmare of partners or clients because basically, I laid down the law. I set these expectations on the table during initial consultations, then reiterated them in the contract. (implied consent + written consent)

Remember there are tactful & tasteful ways to articulate these boundaries, and it’s truly all about how we deliver it.



Don’t cringe, I promise you self care doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, it’s the most simplest of things that we can do for ourselves that matter most. Speaking from experience of running a former business for 10 years and NOT practicing self care, I burnt out, wait no ..

I didn’t burn out

I burnt TF up from both ends of the stick.


I practically imploded at a peak time my production company was about to start touring across country.


I couldn’t take it anymore, I was crawling out of my skin, fighting the urge to leave it all. I wanted to be healthy, I knew I wasn’t (especially mentally), but I was so deep down that rabbit hole with no light at the end.


The thought of stopping all “creation” was agonizing; with being the queen of a community that offered a space for creatives to flourish, express, and unleash – how could I let everyone down? See but that was it, I had put others before myself, for years.


Alas, it took someone special to enter my life at complete random who encouraged me it was okay to leave it all, I’d be fine, move home and give myself what I need. I laughed, actually. Move back in with my parents after 10 years of being on my own?


I did just that though, I cried letting it all go, watching that space I built for others crumble to pieces. If I had just paced myself with more self awareness, I might not have been in that predicament. Or, at least that bad of one.


The universe has its ways of giving you what you need, if you practice awareness consistently.


Know that there is a difference between:

a) expressing all of your talents at once, passionately, (even if you are killing it with entrepreneurship).

And b) putting precious energy towards what you actually need to focus on and that is the self.


Here Are Some Simple Examples of Effective Self Care To Incorporate Each Week:

  • Unplug midday: put the devices aside and go for a walk. Watch an episode (of that current show you’re currently binging on Netflix), put everything on airplane mode! I promise you’ll be okay and it will be there when you get back. (alternatively, I actually put my entire phone on Do Not Disturb from 10am to 6pm, only allowing calls from my “favorites” just in case of emergency).


  • Take a nap: Seriously though, if you work from home, or can easily go work from home – take a 30 min snooze on your couch around ~2pm. The longer it is, it will backfire – so approach with caution. If you feel fatigued or burnt out, don’t fight it – you’ll thank yourself.


  • Practice more Yoga (one studio here in Portland that I support often is Namaste on Williams! I highly recommend checking them out.)


  • Drink warm tea and read a book.


  • Give yourself a home-facial with the double cleansing method.


  • Get some oil and self massage: your chest, arms, neck, ears, under arms, head etc.


  • Sometimes we just need the touch and some deep breaths.


  • Be more mindful on the things we do on “auto-pilot”: this creates more self awareness, deeper though, more being “present.”


  • Get outside. Focus on your breath: deep inhales and exhales creates awareness and gives you that ultimate feeling of being present. If you can master your breath, you can conquer anything – even anxiety.


  • Gardening! Holy miracle worker, leave your phone inside and go play with your plants.


  • Fix those small things each week that you’ve been putting off: fixing buttons, something that’s broken in your home, clean your home before you go to bed, bulb that’s gone out, drawers that need fixing, etc.


  • LISTEN TO MORE MUSIC: At all times of the day when you’re not listening to podcasts of course. Bust out some dance moves and be silly – even if your partner looks at you crazy. Pssh, I do this daily and I love when he looks at me crazy! Haha, I am who I am.


  • Declutter/Go on a cleaning rampage: Cleaning is therapeutic, whether it be zoning out after dinner to clean every spot of your kitchen, or rearranging the things in your home. Your home is your sanctuary, it should flow freely with energy. Energy cannot flow if there’s blocked or stagnant feng shui.


  • Find something to smile about, everyday.


  • Take a day to have a slow morning, or a slow afternoon into evening. Either way, Force yourself to slow down and soon it will become second nature to do things with more conscious thought, putting yourself first.

5. Say No, More.

This one speaks for itself, but given the pace of life today, it’s increasingly common to feel overwhelmed. It’s how we react to it that’s most important. I believe we are all susceptible to this, but this is where some more than others invite their boundaries to come play.


Be clear with yourself, (or your boss), about what’s realistic and I can guarantee you’ll get more respect you for it. And if they don’t, well – is that someone you want to work with?

It’s easy to take in all these crazy exciting projects, because well … they’re awesome and we all have FOMO, but you will at some point lose sight of what your goals are – and maybe not right away … but values do get lost.


You then find yourself overwhelmed and underpaid, with all these unpaid gigs that are making “you so busy”. Let’s be honest, sure – they’re great for portfolio, but everything in moderation. For every non-paid gig you take, hustle for a paid one. This mindfulness will help you create a flow while increasing dat bank account.


Suggestion: Put a cap on what you intake and make sure your rates are high (aka relative to your experience/value of work) enough for this to be sustainable without stress.


If this is something you struggle with, you might consider simply starting with “sustaining the balance”, for every gig you commit to, do something for yourself to even it out.



At the end of the day, balance will create longevity. I am in no-way-shape-or-form discouraging your fire to turn down, I’m actually encouraging this fire to continue shining longer and less painful to you! The law of attraction is a very real thing that happens, and thousands of people can attest to this manifestation.

Personally, I’m clairvoyant – so naturally I am connected (and vibrationally sensitive) on a deeper level with a visionary gateway of accessing my higher source, but anyone can do this.

Write down what you want in business, or in personal life, speak it, and continuously visualize yourself having these things and the feelings that come with it. Then, watch it appear.




Upcoming: Balance in Business program


To fill you in on a little secret that I have yet to announce to the public, I’m in the midst of developing a Work/Life balance program for creatives & entrepreneurs that will be fully integrative with Lifestyle, Business & Personal Development, Energies, Nutrition and more!


It will be virtual, with periodic in-person workshops for those who reside in Portland, and … I’m bringing an Ayurvedic Practitioner on board! I’m so incredibly humbled I have the means and resources to provide this, so stay tuned and if you want to be informed more personally, go here to sign up to the mailing list and be notified when updates arise. No obligation to you, it’s free to join the mailing list.


Thank you all so much for taking some downtime to read this, I hope you found at least one thing you can take away to utilize and put into practice. If you have questions, let me know and on a business level – if you feel you could utilize my services, please take a look at this page to see what I offer – all of Casi’s viewers will get a 15% discount on all services, for life. <3


Sami Sattva




Sami Sattva of Lambda LionCoFounder & Multimedia Producer at Lambda Lion, Founder of the wellness blog Mindful Hellos. Sami is 14-year pro who is passionate about Creative Storytelling, Ayurvedic wellness, and assisting businesses on how to bring both into view for balance. Find her on IG at @queenlambda, and www.LambdaLion.com