August Elopement at Champoeg State Park | Kiley + Jake

July 17, 2019

In Oregon, there are so many gorgeous venues to elope to, but one of my favorites is Champoeg State Park and is one that often gets overlooked! I loved showing how wide open it is and also how many areas are wooded. It is one of my favorite places now to go even when I’m not photographing elopements.

I asked Kiley and Jake if they were willing to put their wedding gear back on and they totally went for it. I really wanted them to have more time to be able to take photos of the two of them. I wasn’t their wedding photographer, but they weren’t able to take enough photos of them on their wedding day. I really wanted to change that. One of the best things about taking photos for Kiley and Jake is that they’re now my family. Kiley is my husband’s sister, so it was especially meaningful for me to take their photos.

What is really unique about Kiley and Jake is their humor and grace. They put others comfort above their own. I was asking Kiley about how she wanted to look in her photos and she honestly replied, “They’re your photos, do what you want!” Essentially letting me have free rein.

When we took these, it was about 90 degrees out and they were such champs about holding poses, going into the sun and just being real. I never want to make a bride and groom just do things that aren’t natural for them so I would just say, “go ahead and get close, face to face,” and they did the rest. It was important for their personalities to stand out.

I loved that this time also allowed us to spend some quality time together. There is much more to photography than just taking peoples pictures, it really allows you to build something between each other. Champoeg State Park is definitely a place you should look into if you want to elope and have a variety of places for the ceremony and photos. You really can’t go wrong, and the fee to use the park is super minimal as well.

I absolutely won’t forget this time with them!

xo, Casi

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